Thursday, October 23, 2008

Special: How do players learn to press indoors?

When ever a team has the ball on the boards the defending team should try and double team.

Set up for the pressing of the ball on the right
The left and right forward have to stop the ball down the left board and through the middle. The players behind these two players have to man to man mark.

Coaching Points:
When the player on the ball passes the ball to the left defender the blue team can start to press.The right forward has to close down the player on the ball, stopping the ball through the middle, the left forward from blue has to try and cut off the ball back to the white right defender while closing down the player on the ball and the blue defenders have to front mark the white right players, while not allowing the ball to get behind them.
TIP for the defenders to decide if and when to front mark look at the eyes of the player on the ball, if he/she looks to pass the ball to the player your marking step in front, for the rest of the time mark goal side.

Lets practise!